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Secondary School Script Summaries

An Easter to Remember (Can include songs)
The story revolves around a group of students who, excited about the upcoming Easter break, are reminded by their lunch lady that Easter is about more than just chocolate. Angels overhear the conversation and decide to intervene. They take the students on a time-traveling adventure to witness biblical stories that highlight the true meaning of Easter. The first stop is the parable of the Good Samaritan, where they witness an act of kindness between strangers. Next, they travel to the story of the Lost Sheep, learning about the importance of every individual and the concept of no one being left behind. Finally, they witness the parable of the Prodigal Son, experiencing forgiveness and the joy of new beginnings. Upon returning to school, the students realize the deeper meaning of Easter and express gratitude to the angels for the enlightening journey. Overall, the story serves as a heartwarming and educational exploration of the true essence of Easter beyond the traditional celebrations.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A modern and simplified version of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This is a play filled with magic, love and lots of laughter. Deep within a magical forest the four teenagers find their lives turned upside down when a troublesome fairy named Puck decides to play Cupid. Meanwhile a troupe of terrible actors are preparing a very important show. A chaotic adventure begins in the forest when fairies, actors, and teenagers combine. Puck knows, falling in love can make fools of us all. 


Beauty and the Beast (Can include songs)

The Wicked Queen and her evil hench-men have cast a spell on Prince Christian, turning him into an ugly and horrible beast. The only way the spell can be broken is if someone falls in love with the beast and says the magic words. Elsewhere in the forest lives a beautiful girl named Beauty with her parents and sisters. Beauty runs into the Beast and they quickly become friends. This is an adaptation of the famous fairytale filled with lots of silly scenes and chances for students to express themselves. 


Welcome to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, a play filled with action and passion. The King of Denmark is dead and the cause may be murder! Prince Hamlet returns home to find the country in chaos. Claudius, Hamlet's uncle, has become the new king after marrying the Queen, Hamlet's mother. At night, the ghost of the old king demands that Hamlet avenge his ‘foul and most unnatural murder’. To prove that Claudius murdered his father, Hamlet puts on a play re-enacting the murder of his father. Claudius becomes suspicious that Hamlet knows what he has done and convinces Laertes to challenge him to a duel, to the death. Will Hamlet succeed? Can the evil king be stopped?


Joseph and his Dreamcoat (Can include songs)

Joseph is his father's favorite son and his brothers can’t stand it! Joseph has a special gift for understanding dreams. When an evil slave trader appears in town, the brothers make a deal to get rid of Joseph for good. Meanwhile, in the land of Egypt, the Pharaoh is having terrible dreams and does not know what they mean. He offers a reward to anyone who can help him with his dreams. When Joseph helps the Pharaoh, he becomes second in command of all of Egypt. This is a story about acceptance, hard work, patience and forgiveness.


Robin Hood (Can include songs)

Welcome to Sherwood Forest; home to the notorious Robin Hood and his band of outlaws. Robin Hood steals from the rich and gives to the poor. But when the Evil Sheriff of Nottingham tries to seize control of the forest and kidnap Maid Marion, it’s up to Robin Hood to save the day! This is our adaptation of the classic fairy tale and it gives a perfect opportunity to showcase a wide range of characters.

The Day We Saved Our School
A group of students are given a final assignment by their teacher, Mr. Wu. They are asked to reflect on how their school has prepared them for their futures. Meanwhile, a gang called the Crow Gang plans to take over the school and demand a ransom. They infiltrate the school and take the students and Mr. Wu hostage. The students devise a clever plan to turn the gang members against their leader. This distraction allows the students to escape and call the police. The students are hailed as heroes for their quick thinking and teamwork. They realize that their school has provided them with valuable skills, which they showcase in their final presentations. In the end, the students appreciate the education and experiences they've had at their school and successfully complete their final year with a newfound sense of gratitude and purpose.


The Zodiac Race

The Jade Emperor (Ruler of all Gods) wanted a very special celebration on his birthday. He would organize a race for all the animals to take part. The winners would decide the heavenly order of the calendar. Twelve animals took part; each wanting to win. This is an interactive and fun adaptation of this classic story.


Treasure Island

Jim and his friends are given a treasure map by one of their old friends which leads to long lost buried treasure. When they set sail and start searching for the treasure, little do they know that the crew of sailors they hired are actually pirates trying to get their treasure back. One of the pirates, Long John Silver, becomes friends with Jim and tricks him into giving him the map. Once the pirates have the map, they lock up Jim and his friends. Jim and his friends will need to think of a way to break free and beat the pirates.

Tripp, Trapp, Trull and the Stone Giants (Can include a song)

There are giants that are turning everyone into stone. With just one look in their eyes, you will be turned to stone forever. The brave king hears about the giants and decides that he will stop them. The king goes with the knights to stop the giants but unfortunately the king is unable to beat the giants and gets turned into stone. The king has three children, Tripp, Trapp, and Trull. After not hearing from their father, they decide to go and help him and the knights beat the giants. They will need to work together and come up with a plan if they want to avoid being turned into stone and help the king and the knights. 

Joseph and his Dreamcoat
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