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我們專門營辦學校話劇表演, 話劇工作坊,


"感謝你們為我校師生帶來一套如此生動 的話劇表演。我們真的很喜歡你們演繹 故事的方法。我們全體老師對你及你的 團隊都一致讚好。很久沒有看見如此用 心演繹的話劇表演, 你們的事前計劃, 演 技和歌喉都做得非常好! 繼續努力。我相 信你們將會在香港發揚光大。謝謝你們 為香港中小學帶來生動活潑的表演。"
-B Chan


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Joseph and his Dreamcoat.jpg
The Tortoise and the Hare

Choose from one of our many shows for your students and we will perform for them in your school hall! Each show is 45-60 minutes long and is highly interactive. We will provide 3 difficulty levels of digital educational packets for the students to fill in before and after the performance. The educational packets include a list of helpful vocabulary words, a summary of the story and characters, critical thinking questions and writing exercises, as well as listening activities. 

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